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Disk Driers

Rotary Disc Driers from ASTW

    AST/TST 30.0 installed at Straits Fish Meal (Kedah)Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia 2012.

Rotary Disc Driers from ASTW

Disc driers with indirect steam heating are the mist efficient and most used drier in the fishmeal industry worldwide.


ASTW driers can be used with any kind of fish and fish waste anywhere in the world. For tropical Asia, we have through 30 years developed driers that are particularly suitable for this area. We installed our first drier for leanfish (LFP) in Thailand in 1986 and have since produced and installer more than 260 driers of which most are still running reliably, some for more than 20 years. We currently make about 15 driers per year.


ASTW driers are heavy duty driers with 12 mm. mild steel discs with anti-wear U-caps, 19mm. stator shell and 6mm stainless cladding on exposed areas. We can also deliver driers steel discs. As a customer, you pay for get wear allowance, safe operation and long lifetime.


ASTW disc driers have more distance between the discs for:

    ·     Better material flow and easy operation.
·     Less wear and long lifetime.
·     Low electric consumption.
·     More efficiency.    

Type                        Input capacity         Heating

                                                          ton/ 24 hrs.            Surface

AST/TST 4.4                  24                       44

AST/TST 8.0                  44                       80

AST/TST 10.0                55                       100

AST/TST 16.0                90                       160

AST/TST 24.0                120                     240

AST/TST 30.0                160                     300

AST/TST 40.0                220                     400

ASTW driers are all equipped with steam jackets as the jacket is a very efficient heating surface, increasing the throughput of the drier. Note that the steam pressure should be maximum 6 bar. Higher pressure will burn and destroy the proteins in the fishmeal. All our driers inspected and certified to British Standard BS/PD 5500 cat.2, European PED and Australian AS1210

ASTW rotary disc driers come with 3 years warranty for South East Asia.


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