Rendering Plants

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Twin Screw Presses for fish meal production

For fishmeal and rendering (meat and bone)

There are two types of presses

Twin Screw Presses: Twin Screw Presses has two counter rotating screws that prevent rotation of the raw material. Invented by Stord Bartz of Norway 50 years ago, this is the world known ultimate press for fish meal production and with a very sturdy design that last 30 years or more. The "negative" side of the press is that it is has a complex (but very reliable) design that gives a relatively high price.

Single Screw Presses: Work very well when the raw material is fresh and easily pressable, but these presses some times have the problem that the material "rotates" with the screw and does not move forward. Cheaper and easier to maintenance.

ASTW have redesigned the single screw presses to perform as good as the twin screw presses.The advantage of the single screw presses is the simple design and easy maintenance, and therefore low price. The ASTW Single screw presses have a very strong and sturdy design for long lifetime.

In OFP = Oily Fish Plants the raw fish must be properly cooked to 95 °C. before processing. The press with separate in solids "press cake" which goes to the fish meal drier and the liquids "press water" which goes to decanter and separated to separate fish oil, some meat sludge solids which goes to the drier and stick water which contains some dissolved proteins to be recovered in the drier or in combination with a WHE = Waste heat evaporator.

Sizes of presses for fish meal production:

All presses have a mild steel design and come with a variable speed gear motor controlled by a frequency inverter (included).  (Stainless screws as option for even longer lifetime) Operating capacity should be about 50 - 75% of max.capacity.

FISHMEAL :  Single Screw Presses

Type Capacity raw material in tons input/hr.
TP 24-1 1.2
TP 32-1 2.5
TP 41-1 4.0
TP 49-1 7.0

Long type and short type (rendering)

Twin Screw Presses:

Type Capacity raw material in tons input/hr.
BS-35 7.0
BS-41 10.0
BS-49 18.0
BS-56 25.0

Download : Twin Screw Presses
Link to pdf