Fishmeal Plants

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ASTW Rendering Plants and Machinery

A & S Thai Works Co.,Ltd (ASTW) is a large manufacturer of high quality Rendering plants. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, the company operates a sophisticated production facility producing complete rendering processing plants. With more than 27 years of experience, ASTW has manufactured and installed more than 260 fishmeal and rendering plants in South East Asia, Pacific region, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

The plants are a modern design using the Rotary Disc Drier technology that can operate continuously for years and provides easy operation, low energy consumption, low maintenance and long life. ASTW also provides excellent after sale service and carry a supply of spare parts in stock.

ASTW\'s Rotary Drier design is based on technology form Stord Bartz/Atlas Stord, our former Norwegian mother company.  More than 2,000 units of this famous European designed, Rotary Disc, steam heated drier have been delivered worldwide.

ASTW research and development department continues to make enhancements to the driers, presses, pre-heaters, and auxiliary equipment. The enhancements in design continue to improve efficiency, reliability and lifetime cost of the plants.          

3 years warranty
ASTW Rotary Disc Driers come with 3 years warranty* for drier body, gear, bearings and even the motor.
(*South East Asia only, otherwise 1 year warranty)    

Inspection Certificate
ASTW Rotary Disc Driers are inspected and certified to British Standard BS (PD) 5500, European Standard PED and Australian Standard AS 1210. International approval, inspection and certification is provided by Lloyd\'s Register International (Thailand) Limited.    

Service Team    
Complete installation and commissioning is available using our highly experienced installation teams, along with full operating documentation for each plant.    

Spare Parts    
Genuine spare parts are carried in stock for all ASTW manufactured equipment. Contact our Sales and Marketing team for assistance.    

Absolutely the best quality rendering machinery on the market today. The Rotary Disc drier is easy to operate and maintain by semi-skilled operators.    

Uncompromised quality and reliability ensures continuous and profitable operation for many years with only a minimum of maintenance.   

Standard Rendering Technical Specification

Low Temperature Rendering plants - LTR

Plant name                                                                                                   Capacity tons input/hr

LTR 5                                                                                                            4-6

LTR 7                                                                                                            6-8

LTR 11                                                                                                         10-12

LTR 15                                                                                                         14-16

Process: disc pre-heater, twin screw press, disc drier, meal handling

High Temperature Rendering plants - HTR

Plant name                                                                                                   Capacity tons input/hr

HTR 2                                                                                                            2

HTR 5                                                                                                           4-5

HTR 7                                                                                                           6-8

HTR 11                                                                                                         10-12

HTR 15                                                                                                         14-16

Process: disc pre-heater, twin screw press, disc drier, meal handling

MINI High Temperature Rendering plants/Combined poultry plants - HTR-mini

Plant name                                                                                                   Capacity tons input/hr

HTR 1.5                                                                                                        

Waste, offal only                                                                                           1.5-2

Feathers only                                                                                                1.0

Process: Disc type Rotabatch cooker, high pressure press, meal handling

Blood Drying Plants-BPD

Plant name                                                                                                  Capacity tons input raw blood per hr

BDP 1.5                                                                                                        1.5

BDP 3                                                                                                           3

BDP 5                                                                                                           5

BDP 8                                                                                                           8

Process: Coagulator, decanter, normal, drying or vacuum drying in disc drier, meal handing

Specifications may change