Fishmeal Plants

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Twin Screw Presses for Rendering

Twin Screw Presses for low temperature rendering plants
ASTW has modernized the over 50 years old,\"Stord type\" proven twin screw press design
  • Very heavy duty frame for max stablity - up to 40 mm plate thickness.
  • Shorter distance beween the bridges for higher trength.
  • Solid stainless steel screws.
  • Improved solid screens system to avoid clogging of the screen holes.
  • All large spherical roller bearings in oil bath, no more oil pump, completely sealed off from pressed material and hot vapor.
  • Shaft mounted standard SEW gearbox for higher gear efficiency and easy service, internal frictionnnnnconsiderably redued.
  • Stainless sump with screw conveyor.

Type                                Normal capacity                               Motor

                                        raw material tons/hour                    (kW)

AST/BS 35                      7.0                                                      18.5

AST/BS 41                      10                                                       30

AST/BS 49                      18                                                       45

AST/BS 56                      25                                                       55

Dimensions: mm.

*Optimal capacity load about 70%*