Fishmeal Plants

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Disk Driers

Gusset stay bars.

Disc Type Driers for low temp plants and Cookers for  high temp plants.

  • ASTW understands the function of the disc machines
  • Most disc driers and cookers run at 70% capacity due to old style design.
  • ASTW has spent over 10 years R&D to improve the disc driers and cookers and has installed more than 15 pilot machines in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, trying new designs and gaining experence.

New generation - some of the specs:

  • More pitch = distance between the discs - optimized.
  • Better material flow, less wear and better process control.
  • Better internal steam and condensate flow for higher capacity.
  • No more stay bolts and no more stay bolt leaks - use of (gusset) stay bars.
  • Always bulb type steam jacket - superior and cheap heating surface.
  • 12 mm mild steel discs with U - caps or 10 - 12 mm stainless steel discs.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel cladding.
  • Complete with insulation, galvanized walkway and stairway, temperature control, steam system and heavy duty SEW drive.
  • All spare parts in stock.

Type                        Input capacity         Heating

                                     ton/ 24 hrs.            Surface

AST/TST 4.4                  24                       44

AST/TST 8.0                  44                       80

AST/TST 10.0                55                       100

AST/TST 16.0                90                       160

AST/TST 24.0                120                     240

AST/TST 30.0                160                     300

AST/TST 40.0                220                     400

ASTW driers always have steam jackets as it is very effective heating surface and increase the efficiency of the drier.Note that steam pressure should be maximum 6 bar.Higher pressure will burn and destroy the proteins in the fishmeal. Inspected and certified to British Standard BS/PD 5500 cat.2, European PED and Australian AS1210.

Download : Disk Driers
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