Rendering Plants

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Energy Saving


Direct Condensate Return System

Save up to 12% of your boiler fuel oil consumption and save

boiler feedwater and boiler chemicals.

  • For all types of driers, cookers and sterilizers that use for indirect heating.
  • The system pumps the pressurized hot condensate directly into the boiler in a completely closed system and without loss of flash steam.
  • Example (see chart ) : a drier operating at 6 bar steam pressure will lose 12% flash steam after the steam trap when condensate boils to reduce the temperature from 164 ˚C to 100˚C
  • Automatic operation; if the pump stops, the system automatically switched over to normal steam trap operation. Single or multiple boiler installation

The system comes in a compact unit and consist of:

  • Receiver tank (certified for 10 bar).
  • High temperature, high pressure pump.
  • Flow controllers and level switch.
  • Automatic by pass systems using a steam trap.
  • Electric control panel.
  • Safety high water level switch for the boiler.
  • Installation and commissioning included.
  • Weight 1,275 kg. Volume 0.8 cum.
  • Dimension: W 2.0 x D 2.0 x H 1.90 (m.)

Note: One unit is required for each drier.


Waste Heat Evaporator (WHE) for fishmeal plants

The only purpose of the WHE is to save energy and lower the steam consumption.

The WHE can reduce the steam consumption about 50 %, this is important if the boiler fuel is expensive, like diesel oil, heavy fuel oil or natural gas.

The WHE is mostly used for OFP = Oily Fish Plants with cooker and press where the stick water and fish oil is separatedanyway, but can also be used for lean fish to save energy. The WHE come in 1-stage if the stick water is little (tuna waste) and 2-stage if the stick water is higher (sardine). Calculation will show what is needed.

The Rotary Disc Drier is a drier for solids = fishmeal. The WHE is a drier for stick water, coming from the decanter and separator.

The stick water contains dissolved protein (like sugar is dissolved in water), and this protein is valuable and must be recovered for higher % protein and better price also called whole fishmeal. If the stick water is thrown away it is very polluted.

The WHE does not use steam from the boiler, but use the wasted vapor from the disc drier that would normally be thrown away.

The disc drier will evaporate water at normal boiling point 100 deg C. The WHE will evaporate water under vacuum where the boiling point is only 60 deg C. (that is the whole secret with the WHE = vacuum!)

The design of a WHE is basically a stainless heat exchanger with tubes, a circulation pump for the stick water which is pumped around and around, a vacuum pump plus two in and out feed pumps, and a condenser.

When the WHE has run for a while, the stick water will concentrate to a thick syrup that is pumped into the drier and mixed with the fishmeal.

WHE requires skilled operators and good maintenance and must often be cleaned by flushing with caustic soda.

The WHE is quite expensive and can be installed after the OFP fishmeal plant is installed.