The ASTW water scrubber uses a large volume of water to wash away the remaining smell in the waste vapour and rest gas.

The amount of water needed will vary with the size of the plant and the amount of smell removal performed during previous steps as described above.

If a high volume of water from sea or river is available, it is possible to use a water scrubber as the only condensation and smell removal method, volume about 45 m3 water per one ton of plant capacity.

The cooling water heats up about 10 degrees and goes back to the sea or river without causing pollution.

If the scrubber is used only for smell removal in rest gas that has already been cooled, the water can run in a closed system from a holding tank.

However, in most cases a combination of methods must be used.

Chemical additives:

It is possible to continuously mix a small volume of sodiumhypochlorite (normalclothing bleach)
into the closed system scrubber to remove the smell from the rest gas.

This simple method is especially useful when the air from the building and “point suction”
from each individual machine is to be deodorised but does not need to be cooled down.