The ASTW RAW MATERIAL BIN AND SCREW CONVEYOR is especially designed for the storage and transportation of material from one process step to the next. The size of the raw material bin and screw conveyor varies from approximately 15 m3 – 120 m3 and screw conveyor langth 2 metres to 20 metres. The screw diameter is as standard Ø250, Ø300, Ø350, Ø400 and Ø500
The Raw material bin and screw conveyor is used in the following industries:

  • Rendering
  • Slaughtering
  • Pet food
  • Fish meal
  • Shrimp meal

Beyond the actual transportation, the screw conveyor can also accomplish the following tasks:

  • Pre-heating
  • Cooling by means of air or water
  • Straining of fats or water

The raw material bin and screw conveyor can be manufactured in stainless steel, mild steel, or in a combination of the two, depending on the type of material to be transported.

Technical Specification: ASTW LEAN FISH PLANTS (LFP) – the figures are estimates

Plant size Capacity tons input per 24 hr Storage
OFP 24
3 tons
5 m³
OFP 55
6 tons
7 m³
OFP 90
10 tons
OFP 120
15 tons
OFP 160
21 tons
30 m³