The hot vapor exhaust from the drier is quite smelly and must be treated by condensing (cooling) to water, by air cooled condenser is cooled by air and shell and tube condenser cooled
by water. The remaining gas is treated in a scrubber using water or a chemical solution of sodium hypochlorite and water.

If seawater or river water is available, a water scrubber-condenser is used. Otherwise an air-cooled condenser is used. If the rest gas from the water/chemical scrubber still has some
smell, it can be channeled to the burner and burnt in the boiler. This is an automatic damper system that directs the gas to the free air stack when the burner does not operate.

• Air Cooled Condensers are clean, efficient and do not need water, basically install and forget.
• For condensing of vapors from:
– driers and cookers (atmospheric type)
– WHE = waste heat evaporators (vacuum type)
– cooling of too hot gases going to bio filter

• ASTW has optimized a one size Air Cooled Condenser that fits into a 40 foot container for low cost freight and transport.
• ACC 110 = 110 sqm tube cooling surface. (half size 55 sqm can be supplied)
• Tubes are aluminum finned by state of the art machinery.
• Three fans – diameter 2000mm and three direct coupled motors 5.5 kW.
• All surfaces in contact with vapor are made from stainless steel.
• Other surfaces and legs are made from hot dip galvanized mild steel.