ASTW has worked to clarify the backlog of work in rendering plants after the Covid period and a team of ASTW engineers and drafts men have travelled to a number of rendering sites to see and prepare hands-on what customers need.

One of the findings was the need for better transport of raw material from abattoir to next door rendering plant, running in-door and out-door, and ASTW has during the past few months installed two such systems at Wammco, Katanning, WA and Bindaree, NSW, using large, low RPM “key hole” type SCREW CONVEYORS combined with large raw material bins. See specs for 3 plants below.

Earlier we installed such system at AMG in Melbourne.

All installation work was done in record time and on schedule by ASTW experienced teams of 10 to 15 technicians who work 10/7 with high skill, efficiency and good safety.

Large diameter key hole type screw conveyors is the best way to transport un-hogged raw material from abattoir to the rendering plant bin up to 300 meter. Un-hogged raw material has a longer shelf life in the bin before it deteriorates, compared to hogged material.

The plant can be fully automated and is practically an “install and forget” system that will run with a minimum of maintenance for many years. CIP can be delivered as an option.

The troughs have a 120 degrees bottom liner made from hardened steel going full length that minimize friction and wear and ensure long lifetime.

Electric consumption is low due to low RPM, SEW gearmotors and the conveyors run very quiet.

At the same time ASTW installed new dryers and other accessories in these plants

Some plants we visited are getting old and worn and are in need of new main equipment