Raw material screw conveyors

Raw material screw conveyors for rendering plants using large diameter, key-hole troughs indoor/outdoor on distances up to 250 meters or more. Design, manufacture and installation by A&S Thai Works (ASTW). See reference and photos taken in Australia.
Transporting of raw materials like animal by products such as meat and bone and intestines going from slaughter house to the nearby rendering plant has always been an issue in terms of operation and costs.
The transportation methods are trucks, fork lifts, blow systems using compressed air or steam, pump systems with lamella or piston pumps and – the screw conveyor !
ASTW and many customers believe from experience that the use of screw conveyors is the best solution for labor saving operation and cost efficiency.
The system can cover total distances both outdoors and indoors up to 250 meters or more and using single screw conveyors up to 15 to 30 meters length.
The system runs by itself and requires no man power.
The typical raw material screw conveyors will have large diameter and key-shaped trough to convey un-hogged raw material and large pieces like head and bones to the raw material bin located inside the rendering plant.
There the raw material will only be hogged or pre-broken just before processing to reduce deterioration.
RMSC is an almost “install and forget” installation that will run with minimal wear and little maintenance for many years.
The troughs are covered with lids, and an internal and automated CIF cleaning system will clean the screw conveyors with a push of a button. Experience show that even without the CIP, the screw conveyors keep themselves remarkably clean during normal operation.

  • Troughs and covers are made from heavy duty stainless steel
  • Screw flight are made from thick mild steel, 10-12mm thickness
  • The key-hole troughs have bottom 120 degrees wear plates made from hardened steel that greatly reduces wear to a minimum.
  • The chutes are wide to avoid clogging.
  • There are inspection door at critical places.
  • The gear boxes are heavy duty, slow rotating units with low electric consumption and very low noise.
  • The installation comes with galvanized stairways and platforms for inspection and maintenance.
  • Electric control cabinet for the screw conveyors and CIP system can be included upon request. ASTW will send engineers and draftsmen to site to measure up and complete the layout drawings.
    ASTW includes full installation and commissioning using our own experienced teams.