A&S Thai Works strive to keep stock of major spare parts for main machinery, such as:

– Bearings, sleeves and bearing houses for cookers and dryers
– Carbon ring and parts, and complete units for rotary steam joints
– Stub shafts for cookers and dryers (forged and machined)
– Special high tensile bolts, washers and gaskets for stub shafts
– Smaller items like sight glasses and special valves
– Complete gear boxes for some of the large dryers, but only for
certain periods of long delivery time

Some parts like forged stub shafts and large, high temperature bearings have long delivery time: up to 8 months,
so ASTW buy the items in numbers and keep stock for immediate delivery.
In case of break down, customers need urgent delivery of spare parts to avoid long shutdown of their processing plants.

ASTW is located near Bangkok airport and can pack and deliver spare parts for air freight within one or two days.
Some times our service teams even hand carry spare parts for quick delivery to customers plants